3 Knives Every Person Should Own

Looking to add to your knife arsenal with the most necessary blades? Make sure you have these three types of knives that every person should own.

Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

You never know when you’re going to need to tighten a screw, add a hole to our leather belt, or pop open a cold one. That’s why it’s always a good idea to slip a multi-tool into your pocket. In addition to a standard blade, these pocket knives offer a variety of other features for added functionality in a single piece. An affordable yet reliable option such as the Cattleman Sagebrush Trailscout is the perfect addition to any knife lineup.

Stockman Knife

Another multi-purpose choice, the stockman knife is equipped with three blades for plenty of versatility. The folder features a clip point blade for piercing and precision, a sheep foots blade for chopping or cutting when no point is needed, and a spey point blade for just about any other cutting needed.   A solid stockman such as the Cattleman Stockman Stockyard will serve you in countless situations for years to come.

Hunting Knife

Every outdoorsman should keep a quality hunting knife in his toolkit for efficient field dressing when the stars align. A dedicated hunting knife not only makes the job easier, but it can also make for safer work in the field. A good hunting knife should sport a sharp clip blade for that initial cut, a gut hook for slicing, and a serrated saw for busting through bone. The Roper Trapper Multi-Blade is a great choice to keep stowed in your hunting pack.