Why You Should Carry a Knife with D2 Steel

As with most pieces of gear, choosing the best knife can be overwhelming with the amount of options available. Here’s why you should choose a knife made with a D2 steel blade.

What Is D2 Steel?

Featuring a high chromium and carbon content as well as vanadium, D2 steel is incredibly tough and reliable, making it an excellent option for industrial tools. Not all D2 features the same ratio of these compounds, but it generally boasts properties that perform well for a variety of applications such as EDC, hunting, fishing, and bushwhacking.


A high hardness rating means D2 steel can stand up to regular abuse without sustaining damage. Wear and tear is minimal, and tough D2 blades resist chipping or breaking through jobs from field dressing deer to opening packages and everything in between.

Corrosion Resistance

The high chromium content of D2 steel helps it resist corrosion, even when put to work on a saltwater rig or in humid environments. Well-maintained D2 will hold up long term without any rust in any conditions.

Edge Retention

While some types of knives go dull quickly, D2 steel retains its edge and requires only occasional sharpening. So even when slicing through touch materials on a daily basis, D2 blades remain reliable.


When a D2 knife does reach the point where sharpening will bring back the razor-sharp edge, the process is easy. Methods using stones, diamond sharpeners, and ceramic rods all work well on these versatile blades.


For the person who wants one knife that will work for just about every job, D2 steel is a top option. It can cut through everything from leather to wood and is ideal for every outdoor pursuit.